This forty something  year old male (that is enough informaiton for your purposes) is an avid Yankees, Steelers, Buckeyes and ASU Sun Devils fan.  As this is an odd collection of teams to root for, I feel some explanation is probably warranted.   I have rooted for each of the first three teams for more than thirty years and have been a Sun Devil fan since 1991.  I first became a Yankees Fan in 1978 after being drafted by the instructional league Yankees in a small north east Ohio town called Brunswick.  One year later, my two best friends in the third grade talked me into becoming a Pittsburgh Steelers’ fan, the same year that they beat the Los Angeles Rams in the Superbowl.  Finally, around this time, I also became an Ohio State Buckeyes fan as my father insisted from the earliest age that I would one day become a Buckeye during a car ride home after testing to get into kindergarten early.   My earliest sports memory is a still TV image of the 1974 Rose Bowl, back in the days when the Buckeyes could actually beat the Trojans (this was 42-21 game that featured the controversial vote that sent those Buckeyes to the Rose Bowl over those Weasels from that State up North).

In 1992, I earned a Bachelors of Science Degree majoring in Political Science with a minor in Business and Economics.  I began this degree at the University of Akron in Ohio, finishing my degree at Atrizona State University, graduating Summa Cum Laude.  In 2000, I earned a Juris Doctorate degree, also from Arizona State University, and I am presently practicing criminal defense work in the Phoenix metropolitian area.

The information above was provided so the reader would have full disclosure regarding my background and team affiliation.  I make no bones about the fact that I am partsian fan.  Having said that, I strive very hard to remain as objective and as unbiased as is humanely possible.  Two years ago, I finished in the 99% in the ESPN March Madness Bracket when I picked the Kansas Jayhawks to knock off my Ohio State Buckeyes, which is precisely what happened.  When asked by Buckeye friends why I made this pick (and being told I was partially responsible for the outcome), I simply answered “because I think Kansas is the better team.”  In all of my writings on this site, I strive to support my opinions with well reasoned evidence and logic that I feel separates me from the opinions espoused on other sites who are driven by a Corporate Agenda that inevitably frames their opinons.  If you happen to have found your way to this site by accident (probably a confused race fanatic) and choose to read some of my work, feel free to let me know when and if I have failed in this endeavor.  I will make it a personal mission of mine to respond to ALL posts in a professional and nonpartisian manner. Thank you for taking time to read my work, I hope you found the investment worth the time.


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