This section is to give the you a little bit of information about the author and the purpose of this site which will assist you determining whether this site is for you.

Back in 2009, I dabbled in the world of sports blogging, titling my first effort The Blog of Champions.  The purpose of the site was to discuss all things related to my mini-obsession surrounding sports championships, with an eye towards the validity of the systems that crown those teams.  My first piece was entitled Root Root Root for the Home Team (which can still be accessed in the Archives) where I challenged the marketing slogan that so many fans use as the basis of their fandom.  Shortly thereafter, I moved my blog to wordpress.com and re-branded the page as The Pole’s Position with the tagline “Pollacks, we don’t just tailgate for free kielbasa.”  While marginally amusing, this was poor branding as my net often snared confused racing fans who had little interest in the subject matter at hand.

While writing a number of pieces, I discovered that college football was my true passion.  Though I do follow other sports and have written about them, it was the game of college football that I was most drawn to, and thus, most inclined to write about.  Early on, my analysis started with college football realignment (where I successfully predicted the exact composition of the B1G Ten’s now defunct Legends and Leader’s divisions, and even had one of my pieces regarding where the University of Texas might end up referenced by a Fox Sports writer).   I also was a regular contributor and polling member for a now defunct site called the bestdamnpoll.com, where I learned just how hard it was to consider all variables and rank teams accordingly.  We were getting ready to do radio spots (of which I was told I would have appeared) when health reasons forced one of the sites founders to shut it down.  As conference realignment seemed to settle down, my focus shifted to all issues impacting college football and its system for determining a champion.  Though controversial, I will always believe college football’s system to be the best, because it restricts entry in its post season to a small number of teams ensuring that its champion will be a worthy one, if not the best, and because it features the only regular season in sports that truly matters any more.

A bit about the author–in 1992, I graduated from Arizona State University with a bachelor’s of science in Political Science.  After bouncing around in a number of different professions, to include banking, investment analysis, politics, and even newspaper production, I attended law school in 1997, again at Arizona State University, earning a Juris Doctorate in 2000.  I have been practicing criminal defense in the Phoenix Metropolitan area since, now focusing primarily on the defense of those accused of homicide.  As such, I have a background in statistical analysis and I am professional writer during the day, albeit in a very different context than that which appears on this blog.

So you understand what I intend to bring to the table, I will tell the reader up front–this site isn’t going to be for everyone.  During one sports discussion at another site on the internet, my “opponent” responded with the classic: TL:DR (too long, didn’t read).  I went back and counted the words in my response which totaled 79!!!   It saddens me that we have traded the art of reading and the value of the written word for 30 second sounds bites.  Mainstream sports analysis drives me crazy–few cited facts, lazy analysis, and littered with typos and errors.  I thought I could do it better and set out to be the antithesis of what passes for journalism these days.  While you may not agree with my opinions, you will come to know that they are well researched and hopefully well argued, sometimes reading more like a law journal article than an internet posting.

Finally, I make no bones about the fact that first and foremost I am a fanatic, which is the impetus for me writing in the first place.  My earliest memory growing up in northeast Ohio is glimpses of the 1974 Rose Bowl, where I later learned Ohio State beat U.S.C. 42-21.  I make no bones about the fact that I am an avid Ohio State and A.S.U. fan, but strive very hard to remain objective (years ago to the chagrin of friends I picked Kansas to beat Ohio State in the final four in college basketball.  You can look it up, I was right).  The date that I penned this, I have re-branded this blog for hopefully the final time as thecollegefootballblog. com.  And while I will predominately write about college football, I will also from time to time dabble in other sports when issues arise that I find interesting.

If you have found your way to this blog and have read some of what I have written, enjoy, and do not hesitate to leave a comment telling me just how wrong I am.  Thank you in advance for your time, your most valuable of commodities.

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